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Footnote for this comic

Two comics for the price of one!
Venom - 2012/10/14 - 23:43 (AZ)
Well, looks like I forgot to upload last Thursday's comic, so I've uploaded it alongside today's comic.
Blame Pokémon Black/White 2.
More computer trouble? Say it isn't so!
Venom - 2012/03/11 - 23:26 (AZ)
I'm gonna have to quit for an unspecified amount of time. My computer's acting insane. 2012-03-12 01:49 - Turns out I installed some bad RAM. We'll be back tomorrow.
For one week only!
Venom - 2011/12/17 - 21:45 (AZ)
First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of comics beginning last month. I've been busy with Christmas shopping, playing several games, and working on a few side projects. To make it up, I will release a comic every day this week, 3DS Ambassador games be damned!

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!
Evil From Beyond 9 schedule
Venom - 2011/10/05 - 21:00 (AZ)
It's that time again! For the duration of Evil From Beyond 9, the comics will be released on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. EFB9 will begin on the 10th.
New temporary comic schedule
Venom - 2011/07/14 - 00:30 (AZ)
I've been focusing on a few projects recently. As a result, I've had little time to work on the comic. Therefore, I will officially announce Nekowabaka will be temporarily shifting to a one comic a week schedule. New comics will be released each week on Thursday.

2011-08-21 19:37 - Nekowabaka is now back on its regular schedule.

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